Certified Dexter Beef®

Humane, Naturally Raised.

A Unique Product
Certified Dexter Beef® has the unique combination of being relatively lean, yet tender. This has to do with the unique genetics of the breed, and is in contrast to larger breeds where the tenderness is a direct result of the amount of fat in the meat.

A Way Of Showing That You Believe In Tomorrow

No Growth Hormones
A large proportion of commercially raised beef has been treated with growth hormones. Certified Dexter Beef® has never been exposed to growth hormones.

No Antibiotics
Routine medication of livestock has contributed to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Certified Dexter Beef® has never been exposed to antibiotics.

Sustainable Methods
Many agriculture methods of today are wasteful and harmful to the environment. Intense management has contaminated ground water and overgrazed public lands. Certified Dexter Beef® is raised on carefully managed pastures. Animals are never confined to a “feed lot.”

A Heritage Breed
Dexter Cattle are a small breed that was popular long before factory-scale farming methods selected for larger cattle. Supporting this heritage breed helps retain its place in America’s future.

Certified Dexter Beef® is raised with care and compassion for the animals. They graze green pastures, raise their own calves, and are maintained in small herds. Buying Certified Dexter Beef® gives you the assurance you are not supporting farming methods that are inhumane.

Smaller Cuts, Bigger Flavor:

In our health and weight conscious society, smaller cuts of red meat have their place. Dexter Cattle are about one half the size of other beef breeds. Yet, the meat is known for its gourmet flavor and texture.
With Certified Dexter Beef®, you know you are getting the real thing: purebred, naturally raised Dexter.